Society Of Nepalese Architects, Award of Excellence 2021



In order to honor and recognize the achievement of architectural excellence in practice and in keeping with its noble objective of further developing and supporting the profession of architecture in Nepal, the 14thExecutive Committee (2020-2022) of the Society of Nepalese Architects – SONA – is pleased to announce the institution of the SONA AWARD for architectural excellence. The SONA AWARD hopes to be a hallmark beginning of a new era of recognition and celebration of architecture in Nepal.

The key objective of this award is to recognize the excellence and quality achieved in a built architectural project in terms of architecture’s defining principles and dimensions of human purpose, aesthetics, and technology; story-telling, innovation, and imagination; services, energy, and ecology and/or contribution to localism, regionalism or globalism as the case may be.

SONA, through this very notification, is calling for appropriate nominations of eligible building and architecture projects for the SONA AWARDS – for Architecture Excellence 2021.

The SONA AWARD will be awarded annually and presented as a key event in the SONA ANNUAL DAY celebrations. All buildings built in the territory of Nepal after 1990 (SONA Establishment Year) and before the end of 2021 are eligible for nomination.